Rank® machines

The Rank® machines produce electrical energy and useful heat from a low-temperature heat source, improving the economic and environmental benefits of the processes.

They are based on the Rankine organic cycle (ORC, Organic Rankine Cycle) and are especially suitable for the energy revalorization of low-temperature heat sources. Among the main applications of the Rank® machines, we highlight the utilisation of waste heat and renewable heat sources. It is also interesting the combination of the heat sink in cogeneration or trigeneration systems.

Rank® general catalog

2021 General Catalog

A Rank® machine for every need

Whatever your need is, we have a Rank® module that can be adapted to it, through various products that cover a wide range of thermal and power applications.

The wide range of Rank® products is divided into four categories (LT, MT, HT and HTC) as a function of the input temperature of the heat source to the ORC machine. Then, each category is divided into three models (1, 2, and 3), depending on the output power generated. Consequently, there is a Rank® machine capable of generating electricity efficiently for each specific case.

Therefore, the Rank® machines are connected to heat sources with inlet temperatures between 90 °C and 210 °C and thermal power between 100 kWt and 1,500 kWt.

Rank® LT

The Rank® LT category of products can take advantage of very low-temperature heat sources. The minimum operating temperature is 90 °C, and it can complement the electrical generation with the production of useful heat with temperatures of up to 50 °C.

When the heat source temperature of the ORC machine is between 120 °C and 150 °C, Rank® MT equipment offers excellent electrical performance. It is also possible to use the heat sink current for several low-temperature applications.

The Rank® HT machines maximize the electrical production when possible in heat source temperatures above 150 °C. Similar to the other Rank® categories, the heat produced in the heat sink of the ORC system can be used according to the application.

The Rank® HTC range of products is specially designed for cogeneration applications with high-temperature thermal needs, as it can produce useful heat as hot water at 80 °C. Moreover, it receives heat at temperatures up to 210 °C, when very high efficiency is achieved.

For very low power applications or demonstration/didactic installations, Rank® MICRO allows electric generation from heat sources of very low temperature (from 90ºC). Also, it is complemented with the possibility of using useful heat at temperatures up to 50 °C.

When there are demands for useful heat with temperatures above 100°C, the Rank® HP equipment allows to take advantage of lower temperature heat sources and satisfy the demands of useful heat at a higher temperature. It is a high-temperature heat pump, with maximum temperatures of heat production of 140ºC and COP values of 4.