Rank® – Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Equipment

What is Rank®?

Rank® equipment allows the production of electrical energy and useful heat using a low-temperature heat source, through the use of a turbine on an organic Rankine cycle (ORC), with the associated economic and environmental benefits.


Among the main applications of the Rank® ORC machines, we highlight the waste heat recovery and the utilization of renewable heat sources, with a special interest in cogeneration and trigeneration systems.

Heat sources







Useful heat





A Rank® machine for all needs

Whatever you need, there is a Rank® machine that can be adapted to it, with a range of products that cover different thermal and power ranges.

Other products and services

In addition to the range of ORC products already presented, Rank® also offers the following products and services:

Rank® can also offer turnkey installations and specific designs to meet the needs of your project.

Application examples

Despite the recent development of the Rank® technology, we already have several cases of application of our ORC technology in different countries. The Rank® machines have been installed in different sectors, aimed to boost the performance of the given application.

Biomass cogeneration in tertiary buildings

Biomass cogeneration in agri-food industry

Industrial waste heat recovery

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Here you can find some references of our products installed internationally.


Waste / Heating


Waste / Heating


Waste / Heating

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Working hours


New Rank® product catalog

You can already find the new Rank® product catalog in the Products section of our website. Whatever your need is, we have a Rank® machine that can be adapted to it, through a variety of products that cover a wide range of thermal and power applications.

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World Smart Energy Week 2019

Rank® will be present at the World Smart Energy Week 2019 in Tokyo (Japan) from February 27 to March 1, 2019 through our partner Innergy. We will present our ORC products for electricity generation through the revaluation of waste heat and low-temperature renewable...

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New web domain

We are pleased to announce that our web domain has changed to rank-orc.com You can find all the information related to our products on our website (www.rank-orc.com) and we will be happy to solve any of your doubts through our electronic mail (info@rank-orc.com).

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