Manor Farm – Hull (United Kingdom)


A Rank® LT3 machine is operating in the Manor Farm installations, in the city of Hull (North Humerside, United Kingdom). The ORC machine is integrated into the biomass cogeneration system. The company receives an extra economic benefit through the “Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)” of the United Kingdom.

Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is addressed to those installations existing in the United Kingdom. Its objective is to support the heat generation from renewable energy sources. It has been in force since the end of 2011 and affects both domestic installations (“Domestic RHI”) and other sectors (“Non-domestic RHI”).

Twenty years for non-domestic sectors, free of taxes subsidies are guaranteed. However, the incentive depends on the type of renewable generation system used and the power level.

One of the categories that receive subsidies through this scheme is cogeneration with biomass (combined heat and power, CHP). In this category, power levels are not differentiated and it is applicable from small to large installations. The last values published for the incentive are 4.42 pence per kWh, which are applied to the thermal energy used.

One can find more information about these incentives in the United Kingdom through their website.

The agri-food exploitation

The farm exploitation “Manor Farm” belongs to the company registered in 2015 “Jack & Andrews Smales”, focused on the use of post-harvest crops. It is located in the UK’s North Humberside region, specifically in the city of Hull.

The activities related to the activity of this company produce large quantities of biomass in the form of straw. Therefore, large quantities of biofuel are ready to be used, if possible, locally to reduce the carbon footprint.

The construction of the cogeneration system with biomass has been carried out by Manco Energy Ltd., which is among the main suppliers of biomass plants in the United Kingdom.

The installation

The installed cogeneration system consists of a Rank® LT3 system powered by a biomass boiler. The heat transfer between both devices is carried out by hot water. On the other hand, useful heat is produced in the form of water at 40 °C, which is used to cover the thermal needs of the system.

The Rank® LT3 equipment is designed to use very low-temperature heat sources, between 90 °C and 120 °C with simple integration with conventional biomass boilers. The useful heat produced by the ORC is used for thermal uses on the farm itself. Therefore, a cogeneration system with an electrical production of up to 90 kWe is used with a significant environmental and economic benefit.