This week our colleague José Pascual Martí Mata participated in the Workshop to Promote the Creation of Spin-Off UJI, organized by Espaitec, with the support of the Valencian Innovation Agency. The following participated in the conference: the vice-rector for Innovation and Transfer of the UJI, Jesús Lancis; the director of the UJI Office for Cooperation in Research and Technological Development (OCIT), Ismael Rodrigo; the director of Espaitec, Juan Antonio Bertolín; and María José Tomás, from the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).

Three successful Spin-Offs participated in the event: Expander Tech (RANK), Bionicia and Iquarobotics. After the intervention of the participants, a round table was held where it was highlighted that Spin-Off companies represent an ideal business formula to transmit research and scientific and technological advances to the business sector.

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