Last Wednesday, December 11, we celebrated our first Rank® open day. In it, we receive representatives from the companies Baxter, Initec, Innergy, Rebi and Suez Spain, to which we greatly appreciate theirr visit.

The day was inaugurated in our offices by Mr. David Cabedo Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Transfer of the Jaume I University, then we introduced the characteristics of our technology and presented the latest models launched to the market Rank® HP, Rank® MICRO and Rank ® CR. We were able to resolve all doubts about the possibilities of integrating our equipment into their processes and the economic benefit provided by them.

Next, we move to the facilities of KEROS Cerámica in Nules to be able to see one of our first commercial equipment (Rank® HT1) that is working since 2011, already in the afternoon and after lunch, we move to the plant of production to present the Rank® MT1, recently tested and ready for shipment to the client that incorporates all the latest advances in our technology.

If you want to visit our facilities in future open days, or want to request information to study the possibilities of integrating Rank® ORC in your company, contact us via our email or using the form the website.