With more than 20 equipment in operation, it is a fact that Rank® technology is a reality, is constantly evolving and adapts to the real needs of the market, directly transmitted by our customers and collaborators from different industrial and renewable energy sectors.

Nearly 10 years have elapsed since the establishment of the company and with the aim of approaching our customers, next Wednesday, December 11, the first Rank® Open Day will take place. In it, our company, our technology will be presented and the process of design and construction of heat recovery solutions for clean energy production will be shown.

The Day will include the guided tour of two Rank® machines: the first machine designed by the company for a ceramic industry, in continuous operation since 2011, and a machine ready for immediate shipment to accompany a Fresnel solar installation, whose construction has been recently completed and is available in our workshop.

If you wish to receive more information about future conferences or events, do not hesitate to contact info@rank-orc.com, check our website (www.rank-orc.com), or follow us on Linkedin.