The web portal of the European project LIFE DRY4GAS (, in which Rank® participates supplying ORC equipment and led by CIEMAT, is already active.

DRY4GAS proposes an environmentally sustainable technology solution for the management and reuse of sewage sludge generated in a WWTP. The proposed solution will integrate a solar drying system, a thermochemical gasification process and an energy recovery system that reuses tha gas output from the gasification process to produce 120 MWh/year by means of an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) module. In addition, the project proposes an alternative agricultural valorization method of the sludge by evaluating the reuse of gasification ashes mixed with sewage sludge for improving the quality of sludge as an organic amendment and analyzing the associated effects on soil.

Rank® ORC machines can take advantage of different types of low temperature heat sources to produce electricity and useful heat, conforming a cogeneration system.