The industry represents 25% of the total national consumption in Spain and has enormous savings potential. The National Energy Efficiency Plan 2014-2020 proposes to carry out actions that affect the improvement of energy efficiency in technologies and processes, as well as the implementation of energy management systems for SMEs and large companies in the industrial sector.

Precisely, the Program of aid for energy efficiency actions in SMEs and large companies in the industrial sector managed by the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE) aims to facilitate the implementation of energy saving and efficiency measures that are proposed by energy audits of the facilities, either by replacing equipment, or by management systems.

These are grants aimed at SMEs, large companies or energy services companies, with simple concurrence, that is, the projects are evaluated in strict order of entry of applications until the end of funds. The grants are subsidies of lost funds up to 30% in general, and are managed by the different organizations of the Autonomous Communities (the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness IVACE in the Valencian Community).

RANK heat revaluation systems using ORC equipment represent an energy efficient technology in the industrial sector valid for the application of these aids, so the economic viability of its implementation is very attractive today. ORC machines improve the efficiency of industrial processes by effectively reducing their electrical consumption. You can find more information about the ORC RANK modules on our website.