Generating 100% clean and renewable electricity is possible with the Rank® technology. Two applications of this technology stand out for their high acceptance.

On the one hand, clean electricity can be generated through biomass as the only fuel. In this type of system a biomass boiler produces heat that feeds an organic Rankine cycle (ORC), which produces electricity and useful heat. This useful heat can be used to cover thermal needs of any kind, such as heating, industrial processes or product drying. It is a high efficiency cogeneration system, with a clean electrical production.

On the other hand, with low-temperature waste heat sources it is possible to generate electricity and heat free of emissions also with the ORC Rank® modules. In this case, there is no fuel consumption of any kind, taking advantage of unused waste heat sources.

In addition, this 100% renewable electricity generation has government support of different types in many countries, improving the economic viability of the facilities.

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