In Rank®, we not only offer our ORC modules (organic Rankine cycles) and HTHP (high temperature heat pumps), as well as the Service associated with them. We also offer energy assessment of your facilities, identifying the possible heat sources and thermal demands that can be valued, proposing the most technically and economically viable solutions.

In addition, we can also economically value, and perform, the complete energy recovery system. For example, in an exhaust fume heat recovery installation, it would include the exhaust gases/thermal oil heat exchanger, its integration in the chimney, the thermal oil circuit, the ORC module, the dissipation circuit, and cooling system with a dry cooler. In the case of a biomass cogeneration installation, the elements of the system would include the biomass boiler with its auxiliary facilities, activation water circuit, the ORC module, and the hot water circuit.

Our products have been developed taking as premise an easy adaptation in already existing installations and can be integrated in global control systems.

Thanks to our experience in the energy sector, and to the collaboration of the company Consultores Sostenibles ( belonging to our business group, we can provide solutions with high added value.

Consultores Sostenibles develops, among others, engineering and consulting activities in the industrial field.