Parex Resources Inc – Yopal (Colombia)


Two Rank® LT3 machines (100 kWe and 60 kWe) have been delivered in Yopal (Colombia) by Parex Resources Inc. The ORC machines are used for electricity generation with geothermal energy. This pioneer system produces hydrocarbons and electricity. The first one generates up to 72,000 kWh of electrical energy per month. It replaces 5% of the energy generated from fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse emissions about 550 tons of CO2 equivalent per year. The second one, in Campo Rumba, generates up to 43,000 kWh per month, and would achieve a reduction in emissions of up to 350 tons of CO2 per year.

schematic of geothermal ORC operation

Parex Resources Inc

Parex Resources Inc is a Canadian company actively engaged in the oil-and-gas exploration, development, and production in Colombia. Parex has rights over 24 onshore blocks (approx. 2.5 million acres) in Colombia’s Llanos and Magdalena Basins.

Parex Resources Inc is committed to meeting its responsibilities to protect the environment wherever it operates. Monitoring and reporting programs for the environment and inspections and assessments are designed to assure that environmental and regulatory standards are met. Parex understands that energy conservation strengthens economic performance and reduces one of the factors contributing to climate change. Efforts are deployed to optimize the use of diesel, crude oil, and gas in operations processes.

Electricity generation with geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is a huge source of renewable energy obtained with natural heat from the earth’s interior. It is available and accessible in many parts of the world, but it is underused nowadays.

If high-temperature gradients and permeable rocks exist during oil production, water can be brought to the surface at no additional charge as a by-product of oil extraction. For the electrical power consumption of oil production plants in remote locations, diesel other fuels are typically used to run pumps and services. Therefore, producing renewable energy directly from ground source water in these existing oil wells can reduce costs and help promote geothermal energy.

Due to its privileged geological and geographical location in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Colombia meets all the conditions to a more competitive, efficient, and resilient energy system that contributes to the fight against climate change and emission reduction. Consequently, Colombia presents excellent conditions to develop clean energy projects, with geothermal resources of around 138.60 EJ and 1,170.20 MW of electrical power. Given the aforementioned high-temperature gradients, geothermal energy sources can be found in a wide range of temperatures and are ideal for power generation with Rank® ORC equipment.

This initiative received the award for Innovation from the Colombian Association of Petroleum Engineers (ACIPET) in the category “Innovation in socio-environmental management and renewable energies”.

New development – Rank® GEO

For this purpose, a new family of Rank® GEO machines has been developed specifically for the thermal levels commonly found in this renewable energy source. According to local conditions, these units can generate electricity at temperatures as low as 90 °C (or lower).

The range of Rank® GEO products has been customized to fit inside a 40-foot sea container. The geothermal water heat exchanger, ORC machinery, and the air coolers are all accommodated by the sea container. This way, the client can install the equipment directly in its final location without constructing an enclosure to house the equipment. Consequently, the on-site installation to enable behind-the-fence generation is limited to 2 connections: the geothermal water-to-heat exchanger connection and the electrical cable connection to the client’s electrical network.

While for Expander Tech, S.L. represents developing a new line of products destined for the geothermal sector, for Parex Resources, this is another step in their commitment to decarbonize their activities.

components of the orc module sent to colombia
truck with rank module

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