EROSKI Supermarket – Vitoria (Spain)


A Rank® HTC1 unit was installed in the EROSKI supermarket in Ali-Gobeo, Vitoria (Spain). The module is integrated into the biomass trigeneration installation, developed in the framework of the European LIFE ZEROSTORE project “Supermarket retrofit for zero energy consumption”.

The project

This installation is part of the European project LIFEZEROSTORE, supported by the LIFE-2012 program for innovative projects in the Environment Area of the European Commission. LIFEZEROSTORE aims to reduce the great dependence of the supermarkets on electricity (3.5% of total electricity consumption in the EU).

The supermarket

The installation is carried out at the EROSKI supermarket located in the Ali-Gobeo district of Vitoria (Álava, Spain). This supermarket, of 2,060 square meters and annual electric energy consumption of 400 kWh per square meter, will be the first store with zero net energy consumption in Spain.

The experience obtained from this pioneering construction can be considered a reference for the new construction of supermarkets and the retrofit of existing ones. The integration of this technology in all European stores and supermarkets could reduce the total electricity consumption of the European Union by up to 3%.

The installation

The input thermal energy comes from a biomass boiler, and the heat sink is connected to an absorption machine to produce cold for the building. Thus, the  Rank® HTC1, in conjunction with the corresponding circuits, produces clean electrical energy from the heat produced from the biomass. The useful heat produced by the ORC is used for heating and cold production in the form of water at 55 °C and 7 °C, respectively.

All systems, including the Rank® machine, will be installed in an external container designed to ensure the system’s flexibility and enable future modifications. It presents great replicability, and the solution can be easily adapted to other supermarkets since these stores present similar thermal and electrical consumptions.