Rank® counts with two sites in La Vall d’Uixó (Castelló, Spain). Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to visit them at any time


We have our modern 200 m² offices at the very heart of La Vall d’Uixò. Our engineers’ team designs our ORC and HTHP modules. Moreover, you can also find the Rank® management board and administrative offices. If you wish to visit us, we have a meeting room to present the last technological advances referred to waste heat recovery and revalorization.

Manufacturing Plant

The assembly process of the Rank® machines is carried out in our manufacturing plants composed of two 1,440 m² industrial buildings with direct access from the A-7 highway. The manufacturing plant is equipped to complete all the tasks involved in the ORC and HTHP machine construction and assembling. Our units can be easily and safely shipped using an overhead crane.

Before shipping the machines, they are tested by our technicians, to ensure that the performance remains at the highest levels. We use a heat source simulation closed-loop circuit filled in with that is heated by a combined system, including a gas boiler and solar thermal panels. Besides, the heat sink simulation closed-loop circuit is filled with water pumped and connected to a roof-mounted fan coil. Both circuits are wholly monitored and have all necessary auxiliary components to ensure safety and a proper operation. The temperature and heat dissipated can be modulated. Then, it has standardised connections for the manufactured ORC modules.